One-page calendar

Calendar Icons Filter, RSS, and Alerts

Using the icons to filter online calendars, export calendars, or receive text alerts. 

  • Click on the blue "filter" icon to select a calendar or calendars.
  • Click on the gray icon to select a calendar for exporting to your phone or other device.
  • Click on the orange icon to receive email or text alerts for a particular calendar.


The calendar below includes the District calendar, the school board calendar, and the individual school calendars.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jun 18
Mon, Jun 19
Tue, Jun 20
Wed, Jun 21
Thu, Jun 22
Fri, Jun 23
Sat, Jun 24
Sun, Jun 25
Mon, Jun 26
Tue, Jun 27
Wed, Jun 28
Thu, Jun 29
Fri, Jun 30
Sat, Jul 1

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • District Calendar
  • Conshohocken Elementary Calendar
  • Colonial Elementary Calendar
  • Colonial Middle Calendar
  • Plymouth Elementary Calendar
  • Plymouth Whitemarsh Calendar
  • Ridge Park Elementary Calendar
  • Whitemarsh Elementary Calendar