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Free meal location changed to PWHS

Enter the high school campus from Germantown Pike via Dombrow Drive, the normal bus entrance. Follow the bus lane to the back of the building. Staff members will be on site to direct traffic.

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Janis Keown Blackburn (2017 Humanities)
Bruce Frankel (2017 Arts)
Susannah Ludwig (2017 Arts)
Matt Britton (2016 Business)
Scott Hunsicker (2016 Business/Athletics)
Larry Oelschlegel (2016 Humanities)
Robert Rosen, Ph.D. (2015 Business)
Kelly Wall, J.D. (2015 Public Service)
Stella Volpe (2015 Humanities)
Joseph Daley (2014 Athletics)
Tom Mitchell (2014 Business/Humanities)
Michael Rubin (2014 Business)
John Salmons (2013 Athletics)
Renee Turchi, M.D. (2013 Humanities)