Two boys wearing goggles read a water testing tool in classroom

The science curriculum encourages all students to learn through inquiry by applying the scientific method and provides classroom experiences that draw from real world and scientific contexts.


  • Help children develop belief that they have the ability to “do science”
  • Establish a classroom climate that places critical thinking at the heart of instruction
  • Assist students with the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of science through exploration, investigation, and problem solving
  • Encourage students to solve problems that require them to work cooperatively and use technology to explore and address relevant and interesting scientific ideas
  • Provide opportunities for students with high levels of interests or talents in science to enrich, deepen and develop their knowledge and understanding
  • Experience the spirit of scientific enterprise, discovering scientific knowledge for themselves, through laboratory experiments, field trips, performance-based projects and research
  • Develop attitudes characteristic of scientists: curiosity, open-mindedness, objectivity and respect for the world around us
  • Develop scientifically literate citizens who are able to read and understand science-related sources and engage in conversation with the validity of the conclusions
  • Approach science-related issues responsibly