Reading Olympics 2018 List: Middle School

The 100-year-old secret — Barrett, Tracy (RL 4.9, 157p)
Xena and Xander Holmes, an American brother and sister living in London for a year, discover that Sherlock Holmes was their great-great-great grandfather when they are inducted into the Society for the Preservation of Famous Detectives and given his unsolved casebook, from which they attempt to solve the case of a famous missing painting.

Ajeemah and his son — Berry, James (RL 6.2, 83p)
A father and his eighteen-year-old son are each affected differently by their experiences as slaves in Jamaica in the early nineteenth century.

Among the hidden — Haddix, Margaret Peterson (RL 4.7, 153p)
In a future where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to only two children, Luke has lived all his twelve years in isolation and fear on his family's farm, until another "third" convinces him that the government is wrong.

As brave as you — Reynolds, Jason (RL 5.7, 410p)
When two brothers decide to prove how brave they are, everything backfires – literally.

Ashes — Anderson, Laurie Halse (RL 5.6, 298p)
As the Revolutionary War rages on, Isabel and Curzon are reported as runaways, and the awful Bellingham is determined to track them down. With purpose and faith, Isabel and Curzon march on, fiercely determined to find Isabel's little sister Ruth, who is enslaved in a Southern state.

Awkward — Chmakova, Svetlana (RL 3.3, 210p)
After shunning Jaime, the school nerd, on her first day at a new middle school, Penelope Torres tries to blend in with her new friends in the art club, until the art club goes to war with the science club, of which Jaime is a member.

Bad island — TenNapel, Doug (RL 2.7, 218p)
Reese, forced to go on vacation with his family, finds himself shipwrecked with them on a strange island full of weird plants and animals, and pursued by an unknown entity on the hunt.

Black Star, Bright Dawn — O'Dell, Scott (RL 4.8, 134p)
Bright Dawn must face the challenge of the Iditarod dog sled race alone when her father is injured.

The boy who saved basebalI — Ritter, John H (RL 6.5, 216p)
The fate of a small California town rests on the outcome of one baseball game, and Tom Gallagher hopes to lead his team to victory with the secrets of the now disgraced player, Dante Del Gato.

The boys who challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club — Hoose, Phillip M (YA, 198p)
Tells the story of a group of boy resistance fighters in Denmark after the Nazi invasion during World War II.

The candymakers — Mass, Wendy (RL 5.7, 453p)
Four gifted twelve-year-olds, including Logan, the candymaker's son, are set to be contestants in the Confectionary Association's national competition to determine the nation's tastiest sweet, but nobody anticipates that a friendship will form between them.

Dateline: Troy — Fleischman, Paul (YA, 80p)
A retelling of the story of the Trojan War illustrated with collages featuring newspaper clippings of modern events from World War I through the War on Terrorism.

December stillness — Hahn, Mary Downing (RL 5.9, 181p)
Thirteen-year-old Kelly tries to befriend Mr. Weems, a disturbed homeless Vietnam War veteran who spends his days in her suburban library, though the man makes it clear he wants to be left alone.

Dragon's keep — Carey, Janet Lee (YA, 302p)
In 1145 A.D., as foretold by Merlin, fourteen-year-old Rosalind, who will be the twenty-first Pendragon Queen of Wilde Island, has much to accomplish to fulfill her destiny, while hiding from her people the dragon's claw she was born with that reflects only one of her mother's dark secrets.

Eagle Strike — Horowitz, Anthony (RL 6.9, 256p)
After a chance encounter with assassin Yassen Gregorovich in the South of France, teenage spy Alex Rider investigates international pop star and philanthropist Damian Cray whose new video game venture hides sinister motives involving Air Force One, nuclear missiles, and the international drug trade.

Echo — Ryan, Pam Munoz (RL 5.3, 585p)
Lost in the Black Forest, Otto meets three mysterious sisters and finds himself entwined in a prophecy, a promise, and a harmonica — and decades later three children, Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy in California find themselves caught up in the same thread of destiny in the darkest days of the twentieth century, struggling to keep their families intact, and tied together by the music of the same harmonica.

Ender's shadow — Card, Orson Scott (YA, 379p)
Bean must overcome his past and prove to the recruiters at the Battle School that he can help save the planet from an alien invasion.

Escape!: the story of the great Houdini — Fleischman, Sid (RL 6.6, 210p)
A biography of the magician, ghost chaser, aviator, and king of escape artists whose amazing feats are remembered long after his death in 1926.

Fever, 1793 — Anderson, Laurie Halse(RL 5, 251p)
Sixteen-year-old Matilda Cook, separated from her sick mother, learns about perseverance and self-reliance when she is forced to cope with the horrors of the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793.

The girl who drank the moon — Barnhill, Kelly Regan(RL 5, 388p)
An epic fantasy about a young girl raised by a witch, a swamp monster, and a Perfectly Tiny Dragon, who must unlock the powerful magic buried deep inside her.

Gregor the Overlander — Collins, Suzanne(RL 5, 311p)
When eleven-year-old Gregor and his two-year-old sister are pulled into a strange underground world, they trigger an epic battle involving humans, bats, rats, cockroaches, and spiders while on a quest foretold by ancient prophecy.

The Hammer of Thor — Riordan, Rick(RL 5.1, 468p)
Thor's hammer is missing again. The thunder god has a disturbing habit of misplacing his weapon--the mightiest force in the Nine Worlds. But this time the hammer isn't just lost, it has fallen into enemy hands. If Magnus Chase and his friends can't retrieve the hammer quickly, the mortal worlds will be defenseless against an onslaught of giants.

I will always write back: how one letter changed two lives — Alifirenka, Caitlin(YA,402p)
In this ... dual memoir, Caitlin and Martin recount how they became best friends--and better people--through their long-distance exchange as pen-pals.

Inside out & back again — Lai, Thanhha(RL 4.8, 262p)
Through a series of poems, a young girl chronicles the life-changing year of 1975, when she, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama.

Knucklehead :tall tales & mostly true stories about growing up Scieszka — Scieszka, Jon (RL 4.6, 106p)
Presents a memoir of what it was like to grow up in the 1950s and other almost true stories by American children's author Jon Scieszka.

Leaving Protection — Hobbs, Will(RL 5.6, 178p)
Sixteen-year-old Robbie Daniels, happy to get a job aboard a troller fishing for king salmon off southeastern Alaska, finds himself in danger when he discovers that his mysterious captain is searching for long-buried Russian plaques that lay claim to Alaska and the Northwest.

Locomotion — Woodson, Jacqueline (RL 4.7, 100p)
Inspired by his teacher, eleven-year-old Lonnie begins to write about his life in a series of poems in which he discusses his feelings about his friends, his foster mom, his little sister Lili, and the death of his parents.

Midnight for Charlie Bone — Nimmo, Jenny (RL 4.3, 401p)
Charlie Bone's life with his widowed mother and two grandmothers undergoes a dramatic change when he discovers that he can hear people in photographs talking.

Notes from the midnight driver — Sonnenblick, Jordan (YA, 265p)
After being assigned to perform community service at a nursing home, sixteen-year-old Alex befriends a cantankerous old man who has some lessons to impart about jazz guitar playing, love, and forgiveness.

The notorious Benedict Arnold: a true story of adventure, heroism, & treachery — Sheinkin, Steve (RL 7.3, 337p)
An introduction to the life of Benedict Arnold that highlights not only the traitorous actions that made him legendary, but also his heroic involvement in the American Revolution.

The outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place -- Konigsburg, E. L (RL 5.5, 296p)
Upon leaving an oppressive summer camp, twelve-year-old Margaret Rose Kane spearheads a campaign to preserve three unique towers her grand uncles have been building in their back yard for over forty years.

Phineas Gage: a gruesome but true story about brain science — Fleischman, John (RL 7.6, 86p)
The true story of Phineas Gage, whose brain had been pierced by an iron rod in 1848, and who survived and became a case study in how the brain functions.

The ruins of Gorlan — Flanagan, John (RL 7, 249p)
When fifteen-year-old Will is rejected by battleschool, he becomes the reluctant apprentice to the mysterious Ranger Halt, and winds up protecting the kingdom from danger.

Say goodnight, Gracie — Deaver, Julie Reece (RL 6.8, 214p)
When a car accident kills her best friend Jimmy, with whom she has shared everything from childhood escapades to entering the professional theater in Chicago, seventeen-year-old Morgan must find her own way to cope with his death.

So B. It: a novel — Weeks, Sarah (RL 5.2, 245p)
After spending her life with her mentally disabled mother and agoraphobic neighbor, twelve-year-old Heidi sets out from Reno, Nevada, to New York to find out who she is.

Soar — Bauer, Joan (RL 4, 296p)
Moving to Hillcrest, Ohio, when his adoptive father accepts a temporary job, twelve-year-old Jeremiah, a heart transplant recipient, has sixty days to find a baseball team to coach.

Splendors and glooms — Schlitz, Laura Amy (RL 5.1, 384p)
When Clara vanishes after the puppeteer Grisini and two orphaned assistants were at her twelfth birthday party, suspicion of kidnapping chases the trio away from London and soon the two orphans are caught in a trap set by Grisini's ancient rival, a witch with a deadly inheritance to shed before it is too late.

Stella by starlight — Draper, Sharon M (RL 5.1, 320p)
When a burning cross set by the Klan causes panic and fear in 1932 Bumblebee, North Carolina, fifth-grader Stella must face prejudice and find the strength to demand change in her segregated town.

The supernaturalist — Colfer, Eoin (RL 4.8, 267p
In futuristic Satellite City, fourteen-year-old Cosmo Hill escapes from an abusive orphanage and teams up with three other people who share his unusual ability to see supernatural creatures, and together they determine the nature and purpose of the swarming blue Parasites that are invisible to most humans.

Surviving the Applewhites — Tolan, Stephanie (RL 5.5, 216p)
Jake, a budding juvenile delinquent, is sent for home schooling to the arty and eccentric Applewhite family's Creative Academy, where he discovers talents and interests he never knew he had.

Theodore Boone: kid lawyer — Grisham, John (RL 5.2, 263p)
Thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone, who knows every judge, police officer, and court clerk in the small town of Strattenburg, finds himself involved in a murder trial because of knowledge he might have about a cold-blooded killer.

Titanic: voices from the disaster — Hopkinson, Deborah (RL 7.4, 289p)
Draws on stories from survivors and archival photographs to describe the history of the "Titanic" from its launch to its sinking.

Virals — Reichs, Kathy (YA, 454p)
Tory Brennan and her friends are exposed to a canine parvovirus when they rescue a dog from a medical testing facility and soon realize they have heightened senses, which they use to solve a cold case murder.

Wonder — Palacio, R. J (RL 4.8, 315p)
Ten-year-old Auggie Pullman, who was born with extreme facial abnormalities and was not expected to survive, goes from being home-schooled to entering fifth grade at a private middle school in Manhattan, which entails enduring the taunts and fear of his classmates as he struggles to be seen as just another student.

Yellow star — Roy, Jennifer Rozines (RL 4.3, 227p)
From 1939, when Syvia is four and a half years old, to 1945 when she has just turned ten, a Jewish girl and her family struggle to survive in Poland's Lodz ghetto during the Nazi occupation.

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