Birthday Cafe!

This year we are doing something new called "Birthday Cafe" to celebrate your child's important day. All children who celebrate birthdays in a particular month will be invited to have a special lunch with our principal, Dr. Boegly!! This will take place during their normal lunch/recess times. Each student may invite a parent/parents to join them and if a parent is not available no worries, a special friend/classmate will take their place. This is a small way for your child to feel extra special.Children can choose to pack or buy. Parents you are welcome to bring in lunches, however, if you are planning to buy at our cafeteria, please send a note in with your child that morning.

Lunch times: (please plan to arrive 5 minutes early to sign in at the office)

Kindergarten & First-11:45-12:30 Second grade & Third grade-12:45-1:30

*Please be on the lookout for an invitation during your child's birthday month!
Children who have a July or August birthday will celebrate at their half birthday.

*Children who do not celebrate birthdays will still get a chance to experience the fun of "Cafe with Dr. Boegly" at a random date.

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