Thank you from the PTSO

As you know, the PTSO has been working hard all year to plan the post prom. One of the fun things about post prom is that the kids get to win prizes, big and small. We have a "casino" and cash cab where the kids have opportunities to win $5 WaWa gift cards. This year there was the opportunity to donate money towards the gift cards so we did not have to purchase them. Below is the latest list of people who have donated. We want to say "Thank you!"

Rocca family
Rosenberger... family
Galanti family
Chiara family
Watkins family
Mohamed Alsammak
Zepada family
Houghton family
Bower family
Scanlan family
Beausoleil family
Moore family
Paladino family
Niki Tier
Coyle family
Kuruc family
DiSanto family
Messner family
Aprile family
Christy Weikel
Jones family
Rhonda Vega
Roehm Family
Beth Suchsland
Ed Swetkowski
Demianovich family
Alissa and Ed Blumenthal

Thank you so much for your support!

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