PWHS Renovations

Renovation Updates

Renovations remain on schedule!

Beginning in April the front entrance to the building will be closed. A temporary main entrance will be created at the rear of the building.

Colonial Community Coffee Hour Recap

Are you curious about what's next for the PWHS renovations, what's prompting additions to Ridge Park and Plymouth and when it will all be finished? Find out in the highlights from January's Colonial Community Coffee Hour!

Why now?

After more than 60 years of service to the community Plymouth Whitemarsh High School will be undergoing a major renovation with construction starting in 2015. The majority of the high school was built in 1952 and last saw extensive upgrades in the late 1980s. The three-story east wing of the building, including the swimming pool and east cafeteria, has not been reconditioned since its construction in 1961.

PWHS Renovations Photo Gallery

Renovation Highlights

  • Comfortable modern instruction areas that promote "learning communities."
  • Improved energy efficient lighting and more opportunities to take advantage of natural light.
  • New locker rooms.
  • Consolidated cafeteria with outdoor seating.
  • Modernized pool area.
  • Better climate control, including air conditioning.
  • New facade that improves security and handicapped accessibility.
  • Updated plumbing and electrical systems.
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