Parent/Teacher Conferences

How to Schedule a Parent/Teacher Conference:

  1. Click on the blue button above to take you to the online scheduling program. Note that the scheduling program will be available starting Saturday, October 25, at 10 a.m.
  2. Click on the Create an Account link.
  3. Click Register and fill out the registration form. At minimum, please complete the fields highlighted in yellow. If you fail to enter an email address, the forgot password link will not work.
  4. Click on Create an Account, and you will be prompted to login. Login with the information you entered on the registration form.
  5. Select the Proceed link. This will take you into the scheduling page.
  6. Select the Team or Teacher you wish to visit and then select the type of service, Team or Parent/Teacher conference. Also, please remember to select your child’s name or manually enter it if it does not appear.
  7. Select the date for your conference. The days listed in white are the days available for a conference. Click on the date that you would like the conference to take place. The daily schedule will then open to the right of the calendar.
  8. Select the time slot you want to schedule. Available time slots are white and can be selected by clicking on them.
  9. Click on Finalize Conference to finish the process.
  10. When done, you will receive a notification on the main page showing your scheduled conference.

For a printable version of the directions with pictures, please click here.

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